keskiviikko 4. toukokuuta 2016

Terra babe and Cosvision 2016

Hei kaikki! Hello dears readers!

So Cosvision 2016 was held 23.-24. 4. and I might have recovered by now. In all honesty I had been waiting for this event for around two years, ever since the last one was held in 2014. I'm not sure if any event can reach as high expectations as one can set in such a long time but still, fun was had, time was spent with friends and even a new costume was debuted.

It was so nice to spend a con weekend with smaller group of people. No hassle, more time, freedom to go wherever... For not so social person like me I even might be able to socialize more.

So, I originally planned to wear my old Warlock costume on second day but after checking the program leaflet I decided that a costume in which you can not sit is a bad idea. Also, the costume takes TONS of space and there's no way I could've transported all of that in a train. So just Terra it was. Prepare for many pics! All photos are taken by my bae Fukka, edited by me.

Some might remember that I already dyed fabrics for this costume back in last June. Costume progress got halted though as school started and I got discouraged by some parts of the costume.

I HATE long wigs and ponytails! Seriously :D My first attempt last Summer was so bad it made me throw everything into  bag and hide the bag in the furthest corner of my closet. Now, this year I actually had to get the wig working as the convention was to be in two weeks and ofc I couldn't go without a wig. So lots of hairspray and thinning scissor cutting later... I had something. The wig actually is too short but at least it stays up somehow.

I think I liked most all the dying and painting that had to be done. I dyed ALL the fabrics in this costume by myself, except the red cotton for the dress. Fifty shades of pink and purple. Stencils for the hip-wear and freehand painting for the dress and sleeves. And shoes, of course the shoes too.

The cape was an interesting object. I ended up making it twice. My first try last Summer was too narrow and the fabric too thick for my liking. I tried to hunt for a very lightweight cotton or linen for the new version. Eurokangas had a box of linens in the scrap section but no material information so i could just hope that the fabric would pick dye. In the end, it came out somehow.. My cold-dye-painted flowers however disappeared, I might try to do those again before wearing this the next time.

Honestly, I still have no idea how to pose in costumes so apologies! I only wore Terra on Saturday and Sunday included lots of photographing, but I was behind the camera. Trying out poses before the convention would never be a bad idea, just usually forgotten...

This costume had the most ridiculously bling-bling boots I have ever made. I ordered the golden lycra fabric one and half weeks before the convention and hoped for the best that it would arrive in time.. Bling-bling gods were on my side and it was delivered well before I had to leave. I managed to fail the golden border but luckily it doesn't show in pictures u_u All in all everything for this costume was made quite quickly and I didn't want any stress. Big crazy costumes are meant for stress.

But! I finally made my fav-girl from Final Fantasy series. FF VI was the first FF game I played and I instantly was drawn to this mysterious girl with green hair. Due to horrible reference images(you all know) I decided to make her Dissidia version. One day, I'll buy the green wig, tons of beads and other embellishments and go crazy with another version...

Oh yeah, I did make the sword but it came out ugly. So hence no sword in pictures.

Thanks for looking, next convention is Desucon and who knows what will happen there, what costumes are made and so on.


sunnuntai 24. tammikuuta 2016

Crossplay?? at Frostbite?


It's been a while, eh. Sure I started working on few costumes that never got finished but only after friend(thank you Fukka!) hinted they could use a character for their upcoming group I managed to pull myself together and finish something.
So I made my second crossplay costume, Ventus from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Prior to Fukka mentioning him I had no idea who he even was. Few Youtube videos later I was much more knowledgeable about the complex trio that is Sora, Roxas and Ventus.


Anyway! I'm going to show some(quite many) WIP photos I took and few words about the making of the costume. The effort I put into this was nowhere near the dedication into my previous projects but actually completing something after half a year boosted my morale a lot. Inspiration is booming and I'm torn between choices what to do next.

Prototype of the pants. I actually managed to sew the pocket wrong here, haha. Shows just how many normal clothing pieces I have done...

Ventus got a veeery short sleeveless shirt as I ran out of fabric, oops :D

I decided to start by making the pants and the shirt that goes under the jacket. To save myself from destroying the real fabrics I made prorotypes of the pants first and then proceeded to cut the real fabric. Choosing the colors and materials was quite hard as Kingdom Hearts has it's very cartoonish look that doesn't relate to real world that well. In the end most of the costume is made out of scuba fabric which holds it's shape well but is way easier to sew than normal stretch fabric.

I wish I had made the pants poofier..

I decided to make the white&grey layer of clothing under the jacket as a vest and attached it to the sleeveless shirt. For my life I couldn't find the right color of grey from the fabric store so I ended up using the lining fabric for both sides. Dying was out of option as I was on tight schedule..

Very carefully I stenciled the patterns onto the vest with normal white fabric paint.

At least it has a place for sewing supplies...!

One contributing factor why my cosplay making has been halted after moving to new apartment is that we don't really have any tables here... Sewing on top of a stool isn't very handy >>

The jacket brought me some head ache. Proportions were very important here as I needed to make the jacket short enough but still fit all the details in. Thank god the fabric was easy to sew and the sleeves just magically kept their shape. White bias tape was used for the lines and I managed to sew it on smooth mostly.. at few spots, mostly at the curved lines at the front some pulling occurred but nothing major. For quick 50% effort project it shall do!

The collar of the jacket didn't come out quite as it should buuut.. next time then. Fukka kindly sent me the zipper which had been originally in Organization XIII jacket, fitting! I sculpted the Keyblade master mark out of Black Worbla(which will hopefully get more experimenting in future) and the straps were just something I crafted fast out of black patent leather. A fun costume, so comfy if not counting the binding and the armor...

My favourite part of the costume are the jacket and the shoes! Those shoes, haha. I need to add more funny shoes to my cosplay list.

Measuring, cutting, fitting.

I decided to not spent a dime of extra money on these shoes and just gathered whatever I had at home. Some craft foam, camping mat, eva foam.. paracord and more scuba(or actually it was some thermo-feature sport fabric, anyway).
Quick patterns and lots of contact glue, paint.. The toes and the "sole" of the shoes could've fit together better but since I was crafting with "who cares" attitude and mainly to have fun, I decided to leave those as they are. I had my doubts if these things would even survive an hour of walking since everything was held together with glue.

Surprisingly, they did! The paint of course got some bruising, but for zero budget shoes I couldn't care less.

Crappy phone cam pic, eep.

The ankle parts came out a bit tall and I might redo them for next time this costume is worn. It'll probably be when the third member of the group gets their costume ready.. later this year, who knows? I definitely needs to craft a keyblade too before that..

Messy! Next time I won't use painters' tape, it shows through Worbla. Another reason to hate Worbla, ugh.

The rim of the ring was so smooth and neat when out of EVA, afterWorbla horrible and uneven ;__;

The one part I hated making were the armors. Who in the world would design armors this bland, eww. Mandatory still. Very quick and carefree crafting of Worbla. I tried to prime few of the parts with Gesso out of nostalgy but it's just as bad as wood glue.. on even surfaces it works but at the edges, just no. Definitely not my best armor work but hopefully I can redeem myself in the next big costume.

WTB thin EVA, please.

Even the painting of the armors was dull :D some weird yellowish gold, silver and blackish... whee.

Before any modding.

Tested if I could steal fiber from old wigs.. wrong colors >>

First try, eww :D

I needed to make a spiked cartoon wig for the first time and boy, was it different. It didn't help that the wig I had was horrible quality.. First try got a bath very fast and the second try really was no better, but without a new better wig I had no choice. The outcome wasn't quite right but at least I had a wig...

I know everything that is wrong about the wig and will definitely do better next time :D I was so relieved when I could just throw the monstrosity to a bag after the con day without needing to be careful with it.

Aaaanyway! I didn't have time to make the keyblade in the end(no materials either and school had started just a week before the con..) so after the wig the costume was ready. Frostbite wasn't a special con by any means but I loved seeing my friends who live far away and I was just glad to have a new costume on. ECG-preliminaries gave huge inspiration for future.

KH-dorks. Sorry Fukka :D
I managed to avoid proper photos of this costume pretty well and can only show one reeeally bad quality shadowy pic, but once we get the group together there might be actually a reason to shoot these.

Help me with posing, what is this???

So apologies for a boring entry(imo), I hope I can show something more exciting in the future. Like blue alien goats or heroines from old FFs?? Maybe! Yukicon will be my next con and I will try to finish one incompleted costume for it.. unless I end up starting my Cosvision costume already. Will see~


perjantai 12. kesäkuuta 2015

Next project, omg.


First of all, I'm going to at least try to write in English from now on. Most who tumble upon this blog are Finnish but I have noticed there are some who mainly speak English even within our own small cosplay culture ^^ So welcome! It'll take me a while to translate all of the blog info but I'll try to get it done soon. Also I shortened my nick to Kis from Kissaten, the 13-y-old-me-weeaboo-nick shall go..

*drum roll*

I came up with my next cosplay plan just a few days ago but I'm so excited!  At the same time it makes me very nervous to even announce it. This project is gonna be big for me. After making as simple costume as the Miqo'te was I want to go back to my crazy ambitious projects. I have glanced at this design earlier but it was always the tails which made me think twice. Do I want to take double the space and not be able to move around? Of course!


My League of Legends plans changed to Challenger Ahri. I might still finish Tristana one day if I happen to find the missing materials easily... But! Wearing a simple costume made me realize what I really love in cosplay and that is challenging yourself to limits and making something spectacular. Or at least aiming to making your costume awesome. I don't want to make ten costumes a year but few that take lots of time and effort.

(The good thing about Miqo'te is that at least I finally have a cozy costume to wear on Sundays.)

Ahri might not be as detailed as my warlock costume was but this time I'm going to spend more time on neatness and finishing. Coming up with best solutions for the details on jacket and pants, tails and the brushed metal painting on armor is going to require time and problem solving. I have honestly no idea which con I'm going to finish this for.

Ah yes, the big problem. Instead of focusing on my costume I need to move to new apartment and start a school before Tracon. All my crafting supplies are packed and before next month I can't really do more than sketch and plan. I might be able to start on the "tail belt" earlier which should help. I'm glad to have a friend who has done the tails twice already so even if I'm going to make them bit different, can ask for some advice. Sorry in advance, Chuiga ^^; Planning and deciding on working methods has always taken most time for me so I hope that once I get to unpack all my crap crafting tools I can just start sewing and dremeling away!

I do have free all of July and most of August so I can fit in some crafting *grin* This is the first time I haven't worked full time when making costume so maybe I'll swim in free time! Being dead tired after standing on your feet all day at work surely doesn't help with inspiration.

Oh Ahri..

Concept art by Zeronis

On some level I'm not sure if this design even fits me. Oh what the hell, I know none of typical female characters will never fit me like they should since I'm so short. Also, to cosplay a mmo character you'd also need a breast surgery done. I'm however not gonna focus on that but to make the best costume I can. If I tried to stick to fitting characters I'd never cosplay anything but teenager school girls or boys. Haters gonna hate. I have seen perfectly fine LoL costumes bashed by community since the cosplayer "doesn't fit character." Probably someone not doing justice to your favorite champion can rise some temper ;)

Psst, everyone with awesome mmo-bodies, please consider awesome armor/mad detailed game designs instead of seifukus. Thank you! I'd trade anything to be able to grow 20cm+ in height and hourglass hips for conventions, haha. Even if making smaller costumes does get cheaper.

I even considered trying to overcome my performance fear by applying to a competition but it seems to be only big ones that don't judge skit over costume.. I'd like the main focus point to be costume still. I'm not sure if I'm ready to apply to NCC etc. with zero skit experience. Also, it's hard to send portfolios when 0% of costume is done.

I hope my English hasn't been total rubbish by far, krhm.

Now, for the end, have some maybe-plans that have been either cancelled, postponed due to someone else making them at same time or still in very-much-maybe-phase. There's still Cosvision costume to be decided, eep.

Love, Kis

Ranger General Sylvanas

Redeemed Riven

Headhunter Caitlyn