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Terra babe and Cosvision 2016

Hei kaikki! Hello dears readers!

So Cosvision 2016 was held 23.-24. 4. and I might have recovered by now. In all honesty I had been waiting for this event for around two years, ever since the last one was held in 2014. I'm not sure if any event can reach as high expectations as one can set in such a long time but still, fun was had, time was spent with friends and even a new costume was debuted.

It was so nice to spend a con weekend with smaller group of people. No hassle, more time, freedom to go wherever... For not so social person like me I even might be able to socialize more.

So, I originally planned to wear my old Warlock costume on second day but after checking the program leaflet I decided that a costume in which you can not sit is a bad idea. Also, the costume takes TONS of space and there's no way I could've transported all of that in a train. So just Terra it was. Prepare for many pics! All photos are taken by my bae Fukka, edited by me.

Some might remember that I already dyed fabrics for this costume back in last June. Costume progress got halted though as school started and I got discouraged by some parts of the costume.

I HATE long wigs and ponytails! Seriously :D My first attempt last Summer was so bad it made me throw everything into  bag and hide the bag in the furthest corner of my closet. Now, this year I actually had to get the wig working as the convention was to be in two weeks and ofc I couldn't go without a wig. So lots of hairspray and thinning scissor cutting later... I had something. The wig actually is too short but at least it stays up somehow.

I think I liked most all the dying and painting that had to be done. I dyed ALL the fabrics in this costume by myself, except the red cotton for the dress. Fifty shades of pink and purple. Stencils for the hip-wear and freehand painting for the dress and sleeves. And shoes, of course the shoes too.

The cape was an interesting object. I ended up making it twice. My first try last Summer was too narrow and the fabric too thick for my liking. I tried to hunt for a very lightweight cotton or linen for the new version. Eurokangas had a box of linens in the scrap section but no material information so i could just hope that the fabric would pick dye. In the end, it came out somehow.. My cold-dye-painted flowers however disappeared, I might try to do those again before wearing this the next time.

Honestly, I still have no idea how to pose in costumes so apologies! I only wore Terra on Saturday and Sunday included lots of photographing, but I was behind the camera. Trying out poses before the convention would never be a bad idea, just usually forgotten...

This costume had the most ridiculously bling-bling boots I have ever made. I ordered the golden lycra fabric one and half weeks before the convention and hoped for the best that it would arrive in time.. Bling-bling gods were on my side and it was delivered well before I had to leave. I managed to fail the golden border but luckily it doesn't show in pictures u_u All in all everything for this costume was made quite quickly and I didn't want any stress. Big crazy costumes are meant for stress.

But! I finally made my fav-girl from Final Fantasy series. FF VI was the first FF game I played and I instantly was drawn to this mysterious girl with green hair. Due to horrible reference images(you all know) I decided to make her Dissidia version. One day, I'll buy the green wig, tons of beads and other embellishments and go crazy with another version...

Oh yeah, I did make the sword but it came out ugly. So hence no sword in pictures.

Thanks for looking, next convention is Desucon and who knows what will happen there, what costumes are made and so on.


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  1. You look super cute in this! And the costume looks well made and fits you very well. :3

  2. Vastaukset
    1. Kiitoksia kiitoksia ^^ Vähän oli tappelemista ettei näy, että nenä ja silmät vuotaa koska kylmä! hrr~